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Lecitrailer receives once again the recognition of best semi-trailer of the year in Spain

Lecitrailer receives once again the recognition of best semi-trailer of the year in Spain

A total of 175 transport professionals who make up the jury of the National Transport Awards have once again placed their trust in Lecitrailer and have voted for a Lecitrailer vehicle to become the best semi-trailer of the year in Spain for the fifth time.
In 2018, in the first edition of the National Transport Awards, the Link Trailer range won the award and from 2021, 4 Lecitrailer nominations have consecutively obtained this recognition. In 2021 the Evolution reefer, in 2022 the Elite curtainsider, in 2023 the P400 Multi x3 reefer and finally in 2024 the P400 Multi x4 dry freight van.
The P400 Multi x4 dry freight van can transport all types of clothes as well as all types of cargo by rail, ship, air and road. 
The front frame, rear frame, sides and roof form a single body with the chassis, making the dry freight van extremely robust. The corrugated sheet metal sides are anchored and fitted with panels for hanging clothes rails. The floor is equipped with rollers for overhead loading and like the other vehicles in the P400 range, the vehicle is equipped with special suspension, as well as reinforcements on the chassis and four reinforced anchorage points that allow the vehicle to be completely lifted when fully loaded for positioning in railway wagons.
The 'Semitrailer of the Year' award is one of the ten National Transport Awards currently given to vehicles used for the transport of goods and people. This distinction was born in 2018 with the aim of recognizing the effort and commitment to innovation of the manufacturers of this type of vehicles that play an essential role in the transport of goods by road. The members of the jury submit their vote to a notary, who carries out the relevant count and draws up the minutes announcing the name of the winner.