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New Lecitrailer featrues at Solutrans 2019

New Lecitrailer featrues at Solutrans 2019

Lecitrailer, a leading brand in the semi-trailer market, was again present this year at Solutrans 2019, one of the main European trade shows, with a 450 m2 stand.
The assessment of the trade show has been very positive, both for the number of visitors who have come to the Lecitrailer stand, surpassing numbers in previous editions, and for the revenue generated. 
On this occasion, Lecitrailer presented 4 vehicles from its wide range and an optional item structure allowing us to see the result after submitting a chassis to the KTL process:
- The new K-Limit tipper combines stability and strength, increasing the distance between beams to 1,400 mm and the axle track to 2,140 mm. K-Limit also has a 5 mm Hardox 450 steel deck recessed in the chassis structure to lower the centre of gravity.
- To facilitate refrigerated transport in cities, Lecitrailer exhibited a configuration of its two-axle CityTrailer refrigerated model.
- For visitors looking for a multi-purpose vehicle for container transport, the BiTrain Lecitrailer on display was the solution, allowing different configurations from 18,750 mm to 25,250 mm. The latter configuration is not valid at the moment in France, but is available in Denmark, Holland and other European countries. 
- The exhibition of vehicles at the stand was completed by a chassis, being able to appreciate the effect of cataphoresis to the touch before passing on to the painting process. This structure did in addition serve as a showcase for different types of loads and the full 
- Outside hall 4, Lecitrailer displayed a plywood van with semi-recessed double-deck rails that allows for a useful interior width, rail to rail, of 2,474 mm as opposed to the standard 2,456 mm. 
In addition to the vehicles, the Spanish brand dedicated part of the stand to show its know-how in the development of 25.25 m vehicles, more than 400 units of which have already been manufactured for Spain and which is expected to be legal soon in the French market

New communication campaign: 
With respect to communication, the new Lecitrailer communication campaign "With my Lecitrailer I am a transport superhero" was also presented, and which, like the company's policy, puts hauliers at the centre of everything the brand does. 
The new campaign celebrates the work done by hauliers in their daily lives and who, when driving a Lecitrailer vehicle, go from being extraordinary workers to becoming superheroes, having acquired an ultra-resistant vehicle subjected to the KLT process, the Lecitrailer KTL. These vehicles are part of the KLT generation.